Ini dia member DBSK favoritku, the maknae, the most innocent, and the natural one =)

Here is his trivia :

Changmin/Max’s Trivia

1. He is the tallest, the youngest, and the members call him the most mature in the group.

2. He is known to talk less, and eat more.

3. His personal replies to fans on a Korean celebrity website “UFO” are popular on the internet.

4. He now has 2 piercings(one in left ear, one in right ear) which he got recently.

5. His childhood dream was to be tv announcer.

6. His favorite color is purple.

7. Wants to be the Best/Max in the entertainment world so stage name is Max Changmin

8. LOVES to sleep so really hard to wake him up

9. Greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing

10. Best swimmer in the group

11. He has a huge appetite

12. Tries very hard at schoolwork and reading

13. Got into one of South Korea’s top universities

wew keren banget yak oppa ini… paling muda bukan berarti yang paling payah! bisa jadi sebaliknya. tapi emang member DBSK semuanya pada hebat sih…^^