*terinspirasi dari judul lagu-lagu SUJU XD*

You’re like a shining star on the night sky,
An angel who bring miracle into my life
I really wanna be your super girl, my wonder boy.

If someone asked me why I like you,
I don’t know how to answer it
I just know I can’t stop thinking ‘bout U,
and my heart beating faster everytime I see you.

I love you more day by day,
missin’ you everyday
If you come into my heart,
my days will full of happiness
Could you show me your love?
Would my wish come true?

My heart says you’re the one,
The only one who can accept all of my love
I’m sure it’s you,
I choose you without any regrets.

Even though I know it’s pretty impossible
you ask me to marry you,
Sorry sorry, I still can’t stop hope for it.
Right now I’m wondering
Can it be me,
the one who will spend her life with you?

I know it’ll never come true
And now I realize if love really hurt
But I thankful I’ve knew you,
though you don’t know me,
I feel happy enough.

You’ve cheered me many times,
Thank you…

_original by me_

(saya tau malah jadi kerasa maksa dan aneh. grammarnya ancur pula. sorry sorry deh:p)

ket: yang di-bold itu judul lagunya.